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Dear Openroom Community,

As Founders of openroom.ca, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for your passionate support and involvement.

In September 2022, we created a small passion project that was motivated from our own tenancy dispute. Over the course of the last year, the community has responded to our project with curiosity and engagement. This is not to be taken for granted because many projects don’t end up getting the attention they deserve. Thank you for your continued involvement and active participation.

As we maintained the website and got feedback from you, we have begun to understand the depth of the rental ecosystem. Our interactions with you, the community, has taught us about the current state of affairs and pain points from many different perspectives. While there is a lot more to still learn, your feedback helped us understand the key points that Openroom is now rallying around.

Our vision is that one day, there will be a transparent and connected rental ecosystem that appropriately incentivizes responsible members.

Our operating principles will always remain true as we continue our work to achieve this vision.

1. Landlords are business owners. Being a landlord is not hands-free passive income. Landlords are providing a service of housing in exchange for money. The tenants are customers. Landlords should make every attempt to provide the best service: a well maintained rental unit that is safe and legal to inhabit. Landlords should be aware of and comply with rental policies and regulations of their place of business.

2. Tenants are responsible customers. Tenants are aware of the policies and regulations and should be empowered to advocate for their rights. Tenants are responsible customers who will pay for services rendered in a timely fashion, maintain the rental unit in good condition, and respect what is stipulated within the signed rental agreement.

With the two key points above, we want to create an ecosystem that incentivizes the millions of Landlords and Tenants to engage in the business of tenancy as responsible members of the rental ecosystem.

There is a lot of opportunity to save time, money, and mental calories. We can make massive improvements together.

-Openroom Founders

Our Team

Our team consists of Software Engineers, Product Managers, and Operations Specialists. All of us have either been on the Tenant and / or Landlord side of the ecosystem over the last 10 years. Not only do we have experience in the rental ecosystem, we are software builders at heart. We know what a great user experience looks like and we want to bring that to you.

If you find what we're doing valuable, you can buy us a $3.00 CAD coffee!

Our Advisors and Partners

We are building alongside a group of subject matter experts across Canada. They are Paralegals, Lawyers, Non - Profit Board Members, Corporate Executives, Collections Agencies, Credit Bureaus, Tenants, Property Managers, and Landlords. We could use your brain power too!

team at the office

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